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Transforming the worker, the work, and the workplace

You spend more than half your waking hours at your job. How can you bring your faith to work?

We’re here to help.

Navigators Workplace is about helping you integrate your faith at work and share Christ with your coworkers.

Our Goal

To bring practical discipleship where people live out their careers. To win spiritual generations in unlikely places such as financial brokerages, real estate offices, and startup communities. We inspire and equip Christians in the workplace to serve with excellence and faithfulness. We want to help you be used by God to make a transformative difference right where He has placed you. The numerous Navigators Workplace ministries around the country provide a variety of offerings, including monthly luncheons with business people, CEO roundtable discussions, gatherings with diplomats, and Bible studies with Capitol Hill staffers

Women doing a bible study at work

Become a Mentor

Your time is your most valuable resource. You can invest just a few hours a week of that time mentoring other young professionals with the love of Jesus Christ.



Your financial contribution allows Navigators Workplace to continue the vital ministry of reaching the 155 million Americans in the workforce with the gospel.


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