What does “Go Ye Therefore” look like today?

We live in a Jayco 36 foot motor home 24/7/365 with bump outs on each side. We tell people we are not homeless, we are just houseless and home is where we park it.

We downsized (which took some time) from a full sized home to a condominium to an apartment to the RV. That wasn’t planned, but it’s how God lead us without telling us what He was doing. We are not complaining. God did some incredible things along the way to confirm what He wanted us to do.

I spent the last twenty years working in the White House (Bush, Clinton, Bush and one administration of Obama). We had had enough of living in Washington, D.C. We moved to Colorado Springs (COS) to help the Navigators build a workplace ministry. As it turned out, I also had the honor of being an instructor at the USAF Academy teaching the senior cadets Character and Leadership Development.

Steve and Cynthia Haynes

Hitting the Trail

It took us two years to get a website and a Facebook social media capability completed with the help of Story Collaborative. But after receiving confirmation from my accountability partners, Cynthia and I left COS on June 3, 2016 and hit the trail. Our objective was to 1) Present the NavWorkplace ministry with other ministries, companies and individuals along the way, 2) Conduct conferences and speak in local churches, challenging people to integrate their story in their workplace, and 3) Have some fun along the way. As we travel, we still work with the Navigators refining the NavWorkplace and developing two new ministries called Honestly Mag and Conversations (click on the link to visit these ministries). Our objective is to help Millennials and Boomers apply Biblical principles as they work with issues in the workplace. Our tagline is “Transitioning the worker, the work and the workplace”.

Since June 3, 2016, we have traveled from COS to southern AZ to Canada, down Route 101 on the west coast, and hibernated from the winter in Panama City FL. We have made many friends in RV parks along the way and had the privilege to stay with many of them as we traveled across the US.

During the month of March and April, we traveled south through FL visiting other ministries presenting NavWorkplace (and associated ministries) to explore how we all might work better together in advancing the gospel into the workplace.

Sharing our Story

RV parks are a great place to share your story. In the evening after dinner, people walk around the park to find someone who wants to share a beverage so you always leave a couple of extra chairs at your site for visitors. To start the conversation, we love asking “So, what’s your story?” People love to tell you about their life experience. After they have told their story, they always ask “So, what’s your story?” We respond with “we are traveling missionaries.” Now that opens a lot of doors with further questions that always lead to an in-depth discussion about Jesus.

In the past eleven months, we have talked to dozens of people about Jesus, lead many into a relationship with God, conducted a couple re-new marriage vows ceremonies, and made a lot of good friends.

So, when is the last time you simply told someone your story and about your relationship with God?