Video: Thoughts on Millennials, Culture, and Christ by CEO Ken Grace

Last month, we sat down with Ken Grace, CEO of Financial Architects, Inc., and learned more about how he personally manages his business. We wanted to hear his thoughts on Millennials and the impact they have on the workplace and how he has adapted his management style to reach them. He had some incredible thoughts on work environment that we found very interesting.

We have a culture here that honors individuals. We want to flourish.

Take a look at the video here:

Ken also gave Millennials the credit they deserve and often don’t receive by the majority of Baby Boomers due their perceived differences. He is a true believer that Millennials are our future, and we must find ways to reach them. He wants to help both Millennials and Baby Boomers know that they can learn from one another, but both have to be open to one another to do so. Ken believes that growth comes from being around those who are different from ourselves. Hanging around the same crowd makes you stagnant, and no growth can occur.

Their (Millennials’) approach to money is refreshing.

To foster growth and inclusiveness, his company conducts a monthly luncheon called “Learn and Lunch” where everyone comes together and learns something new. They┬ámay have sessions where they talk about life challenges, watch a video, or read a book. Afterwards, they ask how everyone responded to it and what was learned. All walks of life and all worldviews come together and let down their guard to discuss topics relevant to everyone. It’s an extraordinary opportunity for those who aren’t Christians to learn more without it being forceful or uncomfortable.

They’re letting down their guard, and the Holy Spirit has the opportunity to invade.

The results from our interview were everything we had hoped for. Ken is insightful, intelligent, and overall inspirational. We can see why people would want to work for him!