The Art of Living for Jesus: Biblical Wisdom by Various Authors

Have you ever thought about what it really means to be living for Jesus? Most people would say something similar to living a good, moral life, doing what is right, being honest, loyal, etc. But how is Jesus present in your everyday life? We need to ask ourselves daily how much of our day we allow ourselves to be driven by Christ, to truly be a living testament of our Lord and Savior. Let’s take a look at a blog featuring various authors that touches on this exact topic.

Whole Life Gospel

“Many religions begin by telling people what they should do; Christianity begins with what God has done.” This line captures the reader’s attention right from the start. The article Whole Life Gospel speaks of Jesus’s work on earth and the reach of God’s mission through Jesus. It’s common to think that our relationship with Christ is between just us, and it is, but it is also so much more.

The good news of the Gospel should carry through into our entire lives, not just segmented parts that we allow it to. It should be evident in our daily lives, our work lives, our relationships, our friendships, every single aspect of our lives. The truth of the Gospel goes deeper than just a superficial touch. It is meant to be the very essence by which we live our lives.

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Living for Jesus at Work

Did you know that Jesus is interested in our everyday lives? Work: The Bigger Picture shares a quick video of how our work lives relate to God. His love for us is so deep that he cares for every part of our being. He gave each of us incredible gifts and talents, so why would He not be interested in how we use them? Our creator gave us our very breath, and what we do is important to Him. Our work is significant to God.

Weekly church services are such a small part of our lives, but our work lives make up a big chunk of our lives. The Bible touches on the importance of work and also the importance of working for the Lord. (Phil. 4:13). The Creator of the world, of every aspect of the world, is interested in how His people work in His creation. We are the vessels He uses to accomplish His work, so don’t forget to include Him in your everyday work.

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Doing Business with God

It’s easy to think that following God’s calling only takes you to the ministries within the church, but that’s not the calling most of us have. God calls us to various jobs within society, and each of these are important in their own way. In the article Doing Business with God, the author learns that a secular atmosphere is still a platform for any Christian to thrive. To be a Christian in the workplace, we must remember what it is to be a Christian first and foremost. We are called to be Christ-like, and being like Christ is to love unconditionally. Here are a few ways to show Christ’s love in the workplace:

  • Find ways to connect with your co-workers.
  • Treat your co-workers like individual human beings.
  • Evaluate your decisions in the light of what Jesus would do.
  • Be aware of your impact when making ethical decisions.

The difficult things we encounter at work give us a platform to show others Christ through our actions. Do you shy away from adversity or thrive from it? Pray for God to use you in every sense of your work. Our reach goes farther than we could ever dream, and we serve a powerful God that can help us accomplish big things.

living for Jesus by reaching out and being a light in the darkness

Be a light in a dark world. The same came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light, that all men through him might believe. John 1:7