A Review on Faith & Work (Christianity Today Study Series)

We spend most of our waking time at work. There’s no mistaking the fact that we see our work “families” more than our families at home. So what is the connection between faith and work? What does the Bible say about work? Faith & Work: A Christianity Today Study Series draws insights from many notable authors including Chuck Colson, Christine Gardner, and Marshall Shelley. This study series works through many questions that Christians have about work and how their faith fits into the equation.

Dive into a study session on faith and work.

This book gives readers several 8 week study sessions, each with a topic surrounding faith and work. The topics included in this book series are the following:

  • Work Drudgery or Delight?
  • Ambition and Achievement
  • A Witness at the Workplace
  • Work & Sabbath Rest

Dive into each of these topics as you and/or group complete each session, learning more about the ins and outs of an important part of our lives.

What relationship?

It’s sad to say that many churches today do not adequately address the relationship between faith and work. Our society often views the two as separate entities, but the Bible contradicts that thinking in many ways. As Christians, we should never be turning the switch to “off” when it comes to our faith. Our faith may present itself in different ways, but it is ever present. Finding a balance between our faith and work is crucial to our success as witnesses in the workplace. Others look at how we live, what we say, and what decisions we make as Christians even if it may seem that they aren’t interested. You can show Christ in your actions and integrate your faith in the ethics that you show in your business dealings.

New Call-to-action

Make a difference.

There was a time that I was not as outspoken about my faith at work as I am today. Working for a secular company who did not promote any type of faith, it was difficult for me to bring up my faith with others unless I knew they shared something about their own faith before. I didn’t feel ashamed; rather, I felt I would offend others and didn’t want them to feel pressured or awkward. My faith was kept close to my chest, and I spoke about it with only a few individuals who shared similar views.

One day, an associate approached me and asked to speak privately. She shared with me a very personal situation that she was dealing with. The associate came to me out of several other managers available because she saw a difference in me. She told me she noticed my faith which reminded her of her grandma’s faith, a woman whom she greatly admired. She asked for me to pray for her and for her situation which I graciously did, right there in the moment.

The associate moved away not too long after this encounter, but we have remained friendly since then. Every time I scroll through social media and see a picture of her, I am reminded that my faith doesn’t have to be broadcasted to be seen, but my actions will tell the story better than anything. They have very real consequences, both good and bad, and it’s our decision to choose how our story can be witnessed by others.

Find meaning in what you do.

The Bible tells many stories of how Jesus commanded His disciples to go into all the world, proclaiming His name to the nations around them. We may think our jobs are not as important, but maybe it’s because our mission fields have changed drastically over the years. God didn’t intend for us all to be missionaries in a foreign field. He knew that it was necessary to have doctors,  businessmen and women, teachers, accountants, etc. and that Christians need to be integrated into these fields as well. We must study the Bible and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to us to find meaning in our daily lives.