A Review on Experiencing Success God’s Way: Life Principles Study Series by Charles Stanley

We all want to be successful. Setting goals and achieving them may seem like easy steps to take, but oftentimes our success can be derailed by sources outside of our control. What does God say about success? How does He want His children to thrive in today’s time? Experiencing success does not have to be an uphill battle nor does it have to take away from our walk with Christ. In his book, Experiencing Success God’s Way: Life Principles Study Series, Charles Stanley gives readers useful information on how God views success and how we as Christians can find success and reach our goals.

Experiencing Success

Ask any parent if they want their children to be successful in life, and you will find out that most if not all would say yes. Our Heavenly Father also wants us to be successful and has given us the capabilities to do so. We may struggle to listen to His direction at times, as all children do, but we can be confident that God has our best interest at heart. He loves us and wants nothing but the best for us. We are not designed to fail, rather we are designed to succeed. It may not feel like it at times, but when we are listening to God’s direction, we are capable of achieving our goals and pressing on to the next race.

Defining Success from God’s Perspective

Our definition of success and God’s definition of success will not always line up. When we think of what we want to accomplish in life, our goals may be different than the goals we should be focusing on from God’s perspective. Without a relationship with God that is nurtured regularly, it is almost impossible to know His plan for our lives. That alone can cause so much confusion in our daily lives. We won’t be able to understand why we didn’t get the promotion we wanted, why we were forced to move to a different area, why we struggled to start a family, etc. Our desires need to align with God’s definition of success before we can truly experience the success we want in our lives.

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Pursuing God’s Goals

Once we have defined success from God’s perspective, we can start pursuing His goals for our lives. Charles Stanley helps his readers understand the process of setting goals with God in mind, allowing Him to be involved in the planning and execution process. The more we rely on God, the more He is able to help us stay on track to reach our goals. Obstacles will arise, but having a solid plan before you start will help establish a better outcome.

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Hurdling the Roadblocks

The road to success is not paved. It is not an easy journey. There WILL be roadblocks. How you handle these roadblocks is what matters. Do we shut down and stop going? Do we get angry and throw a tantrum, tarnishing our reputation? Or do we stop and let God take control? What you do in these situations doesn’t define you, but does help you uncover new strengths.

God uses roadblocks to help teach us lessons, but also to encourage us and use our talents for Him. When we get distracted by life and stop focusing on God, it’s only a matter of time before God gets our attention again. Sometimes that can be a roadblock in your journey to success. Experiencing Success God’s Way: Life Principles Study Series gives readers tips on how to handle the roadblocks along life’s way. Remember that God does want you to be successful, so leaning on him during these times will help you find your way again. 

When we pursue God’s plan for our lives, we not only will find the success we desire but also peace in the hope of everlasting life. What better way to experience success than through the ultimate gift of salvation!