Resource Review – Lean In

Lean In is so much more than a book, a website, a community, and a wealth of resources. Lean In has truly become a movement of women in the workplace. Their mission is to empower women to achieve their ambitions in their lives and workplace. They accomplish this goal in three ways: Lean In Circles, public awareness, and education.

Lean In Circles

Lean In Circles are community groups of professional women that meet regularly, build relationships, learn, and grow together. “Research shows that we feel more confident and are able to accomplish more in groups. We run a network of more than 35,000 circles in cities and on campuses around the world, and they are changing lives. 85% of members credit their Circle with a positive change in their life.”

Public Awareness

Lean In invests great time and effort into public awareness campaigns with the goal of advancing women. “Women in the Workplace is a study of the state of women in corporate America conducted annually by LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Company to promote female leadership and foster gender diversity in the workplace. In 2017, 222 companies employing more than 12 million people participated, making it the most comprehensive annual review of its kind.”

Lean In also helps organizations stand up and speak out against pay inequality and gender issues in the workplace. Tackling the hard issues in today’s society keeps the conversation going, promoting change for a better tomorrow.

New Call-to-action


Lean In works hard to provide an extensive, free library of research-based videos, discussion guides, and tips for women in the workplace. These resources can help women learn new skills and strongly encourage gender equality at home and at work.

Lean In is a tremendous resource to women of all ages and stages of their careers.

  • It encourages women to support each other and build each other up.
  • It helps women be heard.
  • It helps to create a hedge of protection around women to insulate them from workplace harassment and discrimination.

In the age of #metoo, the Lean In movement has never been more important.

“Rest in your God-breathed worth. Stop holding your breath, hiding your gifts, ducking your head, dulling your roar, distracting your soul, stilling your hands, quieting your voice, and satiating your hunger with the lesser things of this world.”

― Sarah Bessey, Jesus Feminist: An Invitation to Revisit the Bible’s View of Women