Resource Review – Jesus and Me in Workplace Ministry: 17 Proven Guidelines

Can anyone be a missionary in their own sphere of influence? Can a garbage man share the Gospel on the job? Can a teacher be an example of Jesus to their students? Can a lawyer practice law with Christ-like integrity? Yes, yes, and yes! In his book, Jesus and Me in Workplace Ministry: 17 Proven Guidelines, Frank E. Henrich teaches his readers, through personal stories and poetry, that you can minister to people in every area of your life, especially your workplace. 

“This book is a highly spiritual, yet practical guide to successful in your workplace. Drawn from his thirty-one years of secular employment, the author has developed seventeen useful guidelines for ministry to those in your workplace. Christians will find effective step-by-step counsel to propel their ministry in their day-to-day encounters at work. The author demonstrates how a common man can be very effective in the workplace for our amazing God.” – Amazon.

So how can you be an ambassador for Christ at work, without seeming like you’re coming on too strong or selling something?

Do your best.

Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. Colossians 3:23

The best witness you can be for the Lord in your workplace is to do your best every day. Work hard, go the extra mile, and never shirk a “humble” task. Others see your actions and will respond to those more than what you say. Seeing that you aren’t above small tasks and that you’re a real team player can have a huge impact on how others view you, giving you an opening for future conversations.

New Call-to-action

Build real relationships.

Building friendships that extend beyond the workplace is a wonderful way to show Jesus to those around you. No witness is ever given out of context with genuine, life-sharing relationships. Having someone to confide in and lean on at work builds a powerful connection that cannot be denied.

Demonstrate love.

Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” John 13:35 Love, demonstrated through kindness and selfless actions, is the most Christ like thing you can do, whether at work or outside of work. Showing that your love goes beyond what someone can provide for you is a beautiful, affirming action that resonates with many who may not have experienced the unconditional love of Christ.

Be kind, even when it’s tough.

We’ve all had difficult (or let’s be honest, impossible) coworkers. Showing them kindness and respect, even when it’s hard, is a profound witness to Christ’s love within you. However, it’s not kind or loving to tolerate unacceptable or abusive behavior. Kindness isn’t the same as being taken advantage of, and insulating a person from the consequences of their actions is far from Christ-like. 

Never underestimate your position to be a witness for Christ in the workplace. Emulating Christ and honoring His Word will place you in the best scenarios to share His love for all of His children. Reach out today with an act of kindness, and start looking for more ways to turn your workplace into a place of ministry.