A Modern Day Woman in the Business World

Being a modern day woman in the business world can come with a host of challenges. And being a Christian woman in the business world can bring even bigger challenges without the proper support system. 4Word believes in the power of connection and how our relationship with God and others can ultimately strengthen our purpose at work. The resources found on 4Word’s website help women discover a whole new world that opens up a true community with other believers.

4 Pillars of 4Word

The 4 pillars of 4Word include the following: mentor program, member insider, local groups, and church connect. 4Word desires that every modern day woman finds their true purpose and helps make a change in their local communities. Finding your purpose can take time, but 4Word is a great asset that can help you uncover the balance between your work and your spiritual life and how the two can work together for positive results. 4Word provides women with opportunities to grow and develop and helps the modern day woman find these resources easily. Be Refreshed, by Diane Paddison is one of those tools, a devotional that understands the demands of a woman’s day and helps her gain the refreshment and encouragement she needs to be a light in a dark world.

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Ways to Get Involved and Learn More

4Word promotes a variety of events to help strengthen and grow your faith. Some of these events are ongoing and meet at a set time each week/month while others are stand-alone. The importance of community is a theme that resonates throughout the entire website, encouraging users to come together with others to reach new goals. We all know there are strength in numbers, but to see the impact of a group under one roof is truly inspirational. Check the website for upcoming events and don’t forget to sign up for donations to help support this amazing group of women.

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Get Involved and See the Difference for Yourself

If every woman felt empowered to stand out for good and help those around them, how many more individuals could we inspire? It isn’t about doing it all on your own, that’s impossible, but having a band of women supporting one another accomplishing big goals. How beautiful is that? 4Word recognizes the power of faith and values in the business world and helps you find ways to use your God-given talents to do big things. 4Word provides so many resources to help you achieve your purpose. Check them out! What’s stopping you?