How to Live Your Faith at Work – About My Father’s Business by Regi Campbell

Being able to do your job and live out your faith at the same time is desired by many Christians. But how does this really look in the day to day? It may feel easier to just check your faith at the door as you enter your workplace, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

Bold Not Bashful

Regi Campbell makes a compelling argument on why we don’t have to live in the darkness with our faith. His book¬†About My Father’s Business: Taking Your Faith to Work¬†gives practical advice on how to live your faith everyday in a work setting. No need to feel bashful when you have his straightforward commentary on how to be the believer you desire to be.

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You Are Not Alone

Sometimes it can feel like you are the only Christian in your work environment. Others can be perceived as cut-throat and opening up to them about your faith may not always seem like the best idea. Ever felt this way? You are not alone. Regi shares his own experience of how he built his career and sustained his faith and mission to reach others in the workplace. It’s a comforting feeling knowing you aren’t the first or the last to experience the struggle.

Live Your Faith by Standing Tall

One of the most powerful sentiments gained through this book is that we are capable of being the light in our workplace. Being who we are called to be in Christ is our endeavor, and we must stand tall and accept our mission. Loving and supporting our co-workers doesn’t have to be complex. We don’t have to separate our faith and work. We can show the love of Jesus and reach others for Christ in practical and effective ways. Pick up this book today to find out how!

red book titled About My Father's Business written by Regi Campbell