God at Work: Living Every Day with Purpose

What is your purpose? Do you know it, do you understand it, do you live it? For many of us, the answer may not be very clear. Combine that with your purpose in the workplace, and you may be even more conflicted. Believers have questioned their purpose and how it applies to the workplace since the beginning of time. Your faith can and should be lived out every single day, work or no work. In his book, God at Work: Living Every Day with Purpose, Ken Costa gives sound, Biblical advice on how to approach living out our purpose each and every day.

Every Day Approach to Living Every Day with Purpose

Ken Costa walks readers through various steps to live your faith every day. He uses illustrations and practical application to get his point across. Working more than forty years in finance, Ken gained valuable experience that he shares in his book. He states that your walk with God is important, and its relevance would not exist without it being relevant in every aspect of your life, private life and work life.

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You Are Not Alone in Your Walk

Readers will learn the stories of others who were ordinary people just like us, struggling to make sense of it all in our finite minds. Without God in our workday lives, we lose the joy He brings. This can make it even more difficult for us to be a witness. Make no mistake, our testimony is there regardless of whether or not we publicly display it or share it intentionally. We need to invite God into our work lives and allow His joy to flow through every part of our day.

The Same God, Today and Every Day

One point Ken Costa drives home in God at Work: Living Every Day with Purpose is that the God that created the earth and set everything in motion is the same God in the workplace. His intent and purpose does not change, and neither should ours. Serving God can be adapted to any environment as intended. God surpasses any circumstance, and we must not shy away from our purpose in any situation. God designed us for work, just like He has shown us His own works throughout history. Live your purpose by living and serving through your own individual work.

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