A Review on Fire in the Workplace by Rick Boxx

There are times when we all struggle to put God first in our lives. And not surprisingly, we struggle even more with putting God first at work. The Fire in the Workplace study gives readers six lessons to help them understand God’s principles and how to implement them into their work lives. Complete the study individually or as a group to gain valuable knowledge that will change the way you carry out God’s mission in the workplace.

Starting the Fire in the Workplace

Being a “fire starter” is something that is not usually viewed as a good thing, but in the case for Christians, it can be an incredibly great thing. When you look at the history of the church in America, most revivals started with a small flame and increasingly grew into wildfire. The small things you do today can have tremendous results in the future. Nothing is ever too small for God to use, so don’t be afraid or hesitant to start the fire no matter how intimidating it may seem.

Learning How to Stoke the Fire

Rick Boxx breaks down the Fire in the Workplace study in four key principles to discuss:

  • Faith
  • Integrity
  • Relationships with God and others
  • Excellence

This study guide walks readers through each of these areas with practical information that can be used in everyday life. Readers will uncover ways to strengthen their faith and find encouragement for the journey. Understand more of how God wants His children to be a light in the workplace and always put Him first.

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Don’t Journey Alone

No Christian should ever feel that they must journey alone. This study can be used as a group study which will in turn create more dialogue on the topic. Listen to the perspectives of others as everyone’s experience is different. Fire in the Workplace provides the necessary tools to help Christians find a way to impact their workplace and make a difference for Christ.