How to Show Your Faith at Work: Ambassadors at the Office by Jeff Lindeman

Showing your faith at work can seem like an impossible task at times, but God did not wish for us to keep our faith a secret. The Bible gives us many examples to help us understand the correlation between faith and work. In today’s society, we may feel it’s best to keep our faith quiet and only bring it up when someone asks us about it. That may seem like a safe way to go, but does that really help further the kingdom of God?

Showing Christ without Directly Sharing Christ

We are called to be ambassadors of Christ, and Jeff Lindeman paints a great illustration in his article of how our workplace is like an embassy in another county, and we are the ambassador at the door of the embassy. We can create an environment that resembles the kingdom of heaven even in the foreign land of our work environment. Creating a refuge at work can allow others to feel at ease and make the connection that there is a difference in us. In many work environments, it can be a turn-off to some individuals if you use Christian jargon or are overly religious with your office decor. But how can you share Christ at work if people don’t know you are a Christian? There are several ways you can show Christ in your work environment without directly sharing Christ in speech and religious displays.

Displaying Christ through Quality of Work and Character of Self

As Christians, we are known and judged by our works (James 2:16). Others look at our works far more than they listen to our words, and it is important for us to live our faith at work through the tasks that we do. Small or large, tasks have to be completed, and no one likes doing the menial tasks that might not get you noticed by upper management. It shouldn’t matter to a Christian what job we are doing, but we should focus on how we complete the task and with what attitude we display.

If we are constantly complaining or gossiping while at work, we limit how we show Christ in our lives. Others will take notice of the quality of our work and the character we show. This is how Christ can be seen in our everyday lives. Our motive will also be judged at work. If we strive to bring success to our company and not just personal gain, our intent will be seen as different than the norm. We can stand out simply by putting others first and leaving our selfishness behind.

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Having a Prayerful Heart as the Backdrop of Your Faith at Work

Don’t deny the power of prayer. Prayer is the key to keeping it all together. We must pray for help and have Jesus work through us.

  • Pray over your office space.
  • Pray over the work you do.
  • Pray over your clients and partners.
  • Pray without ceasing.

We cannot expect to show Christ in our lives at work if we do not ask him to be part of our lives at work. Working with integrity and to the best of our ability is what is asked of us. Those around us will see our endeavors, and we will have the opportunity to engage with them as we build relationships. The more sincere and trustworthy we appear, the more likely they are to engage with us on a deeper level.

Don’t expect everyone to come running with questions. It takes time to build strong bonds with those you work with. Allow the Holy Spirit to work on their hearts and draw them to Him (John 16:8–11). With the help of Jesus in our work lives, we can become the ambassadors we are called to be and truly live our faith at work.