The Best Preparation for My Career Came from an Unlikely Place

I have had amazing opportunities in my career. I’ve traveled all around the nation, worked with fantastic organizations, and have seen people I’ve invested in grow and flourish. But like many people, my career has required skills I never trained for, and presented challenges that I didn’t expect. I’ve experienced the very thing that many millennial parents are struggling to prepare their children for–all possible futures.

Even though I have a B.A. in Human Resource Management, an M.A. in Counseling, and a Masters in Public Administration, the real preparation came from an unlikely source–a Biblical education at Life Pacific College.  

The Importance of Sound Biblical Grounding

“It was a sound Biblical grounding that allowed me to see all of my life, including parenting and work, through the most powerful of lenses–Scripture.”

You wouldn’t think that a Bible education would be the best thing to prepare me for all my possible futures, and that’s not why I went to Life Pacific. I came into a relationship with Christ in middle school during the era when Maranatha Bands were making the rounds (Keith Green and Mustard Seed Faith would come to my junior high school auditorium). A couple of pastors got me involved in studying the Bible and showed me what it meant to be a Christ follower and I decided that I wanted to explore full time ministry. That’s why I ended up a L.I.F.E. Pacific College (then called L.I.F.E Bible College) which was located in the heart of Los Angeles.

As I was looking out over Los Angeles from the student area on the roof of the college, I didn’t know that my journey would not only include ministry and starting new churches, but nonprofit leadership, serving in christian schools and as college faculty, and working with national businesses and nonprofits. I’ve been in management, executive leadership, and sales in high profile settings. It was a sound Biblical grounding that allowed me to see all of my life, including parenting and work, through the most powerful of lenses–Scripture.

Become a Biblical Thinker

The best answer on to how to prepare for all possible futures? Become a thoroughly Biblical thinker. No matter where you get it, whether it’s through personal coaching provided by a Navigator, attending a private Christian school, or by doing what I did and attending a college that provided thorough Biblical instruction, it’s the kind of preparation that will allow you to navigate wherever your journey takes you. It develops your character, helps you understand people, find inspiration when you need it, and helps you make difficult decisions. Most importantly, it helps you learn to look at every opportunity as an opportunity to bring redemptive change.

One of the biggest impacts of my Biblical Education was to keep my life focused on the right life narrative. Researchers tell us that our identity as individuals isn’t really solid until we have the ability to critically evaluate our life story, and that doesn’t develop until the early college years. Our culture wants to push us into all kinds of narratives, seeing ourselves through the lens of self interest, ambition, pleasure or status. It pushes us into anxiety, fear, anger and greed. But the anchor of a Biblical perspective holds us to a different narrative, one where we are using our unique gifts in service to the Redemption Story. That is the story in which God is working to restore every person we meet and using every setting and organization for a greater purpose. In that story, it doesn’t matter where I work, but to whom I ultimately report, and that’s someone higher than a client, an executive, or a board.  

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