Helping business and professional women
live out their faith more intentionally in the workplace.

Faith@Work is an outreach designed to help business woman become more intentional about living out their faith at work and in all aspects of life. Monthly luncheons are coordinated featuring speakers who share their stories about living their faith at work and in their personal lives. Each month the women of Faith@Work are given a new challenge encouraging them to live their lives “on purpose” for the kingdom of God.


We would love to have you join us each month as we learn and grow as Christian women in the workplace. Come together with like-minded women to help further the cause for Christ! Click for the Luncheon Location.

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group of ladies cheerfully posing at faith at work luncheon


“I just wanted to thank you again for today’s talk on pride. This is the biggy for me, something I struggle with daily. I’m aware of my pride and I hear our Pastor’s word when he speaks of it, but your talk really helped me put it into perspective in regards to my life. Faith@work has become a helpful partner in my journey with God. You did awesome and I just know that I’m not the only woman attending today that left with a new outlook on their personal walk of faith. I learned to pray for increase of faith and my servant hood and to lessen the ME in all that I think, do, and act.

I really enjoyed our discussion on our personal journals because it is daily becoming a part of me and a way to express myself to God when words just won’t come. Sometimes even to put into words just a notion or thought that has entered the outer realm of my mind but hasn’t yet manifested itself. Your mom introduced me to the journal so it should have been no surprise to see that you keep one (well several).” ~ Kettie Robinson

“Just wanted to say thank you! The luncheon was terrific! My daughter really enjoyed the speaker and the whole experience. Funny, she knew someone sitting at our table. It was her 4th grade teacher’s wife! …hoping to make the next one in July.”~ Gina Swift

“Thank you so much for yesterday. I really enjoyed the speaker and her message. Realizing that work is a life long privilege opened my eyes to a lot. I figured out that I am living the life that God wants me to live. When you asked the question, “Who in your life is inspiring to you,” your mom was at my table and one of the other ladies said, “Barbara” and proceeded to tell us how she felt about her. Wow! It was kind of teary at our table.”~ Judy Wilson