Interview with Josh Storms from Simventions

We interviewed Millennials from Simventions, ranked in Inc’s Top 50 Places to Work. Here’s what Josh Storms had to say about working in a job he loves.

Josh Storms (yes, that’s his awesome and real last name) works at SimVentions as a Media Specialist. What does that mean? He does lots of graphic design, but also helps the proposal team with marketing resources, along with helping to build the company resources. For anything that deals with the public image of SimVentions, Josh is the go-to guy. Along with graphic design magic, Josh also does video and animation work.

How did he find such a cool job?

Josh noted that his time at Fredericksburg Christian School proved instrumental in landing his current job at SimVentions. However, deciding what he wanted to do wasn’t an easy task.

“In my AP Art Class, my teacher, Sherri Yost, kindled my interest in art and design. When I got to college, I was torn between architecture and art. I chose Virginia Tech and pursued an architecture degree for two years, but the job market for architecture was pretty poor. So, I tried to figure out how I could use my design skills to have an impact for the Kingdom.”

One day, his two roommates told him about SimVentions. As luck would have it, Josh had a friend in the company as well, and HR reached out to see if he would be interested in helping make presentations “pretty” for a proposal, in an internship role. After being a part of Simventions’ work environment and creating something he was was really proud of, Josh decided to switch degrees to Graphic Design. It paid off; Josh was employed full time by SimVentions in 2013. Josh described the full-time offer as a “breath of relief” on the first day, as it was a struggle to go through the whole job hunt process.

Josh, smiling, says, “I feel a little spoiled. If I didn’t have that FCS [Fredericksburg Christian School] emphasis, I may not have had this experience. The core values here had already been established at FCS, so it was an easy transition to this job.” Josh describes his last couple of years in high school as not simply enjoying being in high school, but preparing for life.

Career Development

When asked how this current job fits in his career path, Josh explains that, “Pretty much all possible aspects of graphic design, I get to do here.” He stresses that SimVemtions emphasizes career development and helps you get to where you want to go. Specifically, SimVentions gets him involved in design classes and conferences so he can better himself (and they can retain him as an invested employee). Josh says SimVentions dedicate times and effort to having an “intimate sort of feel” to employees, “helping you to be the best you can be in your field. They really support employees who might be doing stuff outside of work (volunteering, ministry, family time).”

Speaking of volunteering, Josh lists off a myriad of ways SimVentions is impacting the community: helping with special Olympics; performing blood drives; helping Salvation Army; and supporting different mission trips. SimVentions sponsors or engages with at least 30 different organizations and promotes annual community service events. Josh loves this aspect of the company’s desire to foster the community. “This is my first real job, so there are no negative job experiences. It feels like the job culture here is healthy.” Could the culture be by design?